New Camera!

About 3 weeks ago now I grabbed my camera to snap a photo…..and it rattled.  When I attempted to take the photo it turned on, but locked up when I pressed the button.  After trying new batteries, and opening up every easily accessable compartment I admited defeat and sent it off for an estimate for repair.  Pentax being kind enough to offer free estimates on the repair of most of their current model cameras.

Turned out the motherboard had come loose, and unfortunetly since my camera is 7yrs discontinued that part is no longer availible.

So as much as I’d not really wanted to spend several hundred dollars on a new camera I have to admit to being delighted to have an excuse to buy a new camera with all the extra features that I’d been drooling over….

I ended up with the Pentax K-5.  Technically also a discontinued model, but that just keeps the price down.  Its a much higher end camera than my old one, and I’ve been having fun playing around with it.

IMGP0066 IMGP0077 IMGP0096 IMGP0097 IMGP0105 IMGP0123 IMGP0131a IMGP0136 IMGP0138 IMGP0151 IMGP0171