Deer Fence

So, I’m starting to look at what I’ll need for this years garden.  Its way early, though I’ll be starting some of the pepper plants before long, but I’m trying to plan ahead.

Deer fence.  Last year I used the Plantskydd deer repellent spray.  And it worked far better than any other product I tried, but I still lost most of the pepper plants to the deer.  So now I’m looking at deer fence.  Anyone got any ideas or suggestions or experience?

After a great deal of research I determined that as long as I’m not actually building beds on top of the leach field, and as long as I’m not growing carrots and potato type plants in the closest beds, I can do raised beds fairly close without worrying about icky bacteria etc.  So that means I can expand the garden where its easier to work with, instead of out in the back of the yard.  Though I’ll likely continue to do the tall plants (such as corn and sunflowers) out there.

And the garden will be expanded quite a bit, along with plans for a winter gardening bed.  Seeds have been ordered, and I’m determined to get a decent crop this year!

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  1. Good for you. I’m just now starting to think about outside also, spurred I think, by the Territorial Seed Company catalogue. I’m trying to decide if I am actually going to order anything from them, or just use them for ideas. Last year, the timing of when we moved into the house, and got settled meant I didn’t have time to start anything from seed, so I just bought starts. The year before that, I tried starting peppers, and zuchinni and a few other things from seeds…the peppers laughed at me…and while everything else sprouted, it promptly died after going into the ground, so I had to do starts anyway.

    So…this year, do I try starting from seeds again, or do I save time/effort and just wimp out and buy starts in the spring?

    I’m leaning towards the seeds, just because of the desire to show that I can.

    • I started quite a bit myself last year, the only thing that failed was the peppers, and I ended up ordering starts. BUT, the peppers failed when I transplanted them from the starting trays to bigger pots. After talking with a couple folks it seems thats not THAT uncommon, their recommendation was to just start them in the bigger pots. So I will be this year. I’m also starting them several weeks earlier this year, on the assumption that the more mature they are when I put them out the more peppers I’ll get…..but the pumpkins, zucchini, corn, cantalope and onions I started inside all thrived.

      My Seed Savers Exchange catalog and the Bakers Creek Catalog arrived two weeks ago……my planned garden immedietly jumped in size by about 500%……

  2. I don’t know if you’ll get this or not, but we have deer popping over our garden fence also. It is four foot tall woven with posts about every 8-10 feet. Then I read somewhere that if you run a single strand of wire, post to post, above your fencing (mine is about a foot higher than the fence), that the deer can’t determine exactly where it is and won’t jump over it. Well, I have not had a single deer in my garden (that I can tell) since we did that a couple of years ago. Not even in the winter when the snow allows them to just step over it! I wonder if that would work for you?

    • Wendy, this ended up in the spam folder for some reason, I just pulled it out, sorry.

      Thats kinda what I’d been picturing, maybe chicken wire to keep the rabbits out, and then a wire strung over it……glad to know its worked for you!

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