We have water!

Actually we had water as of about 1pm yesterday, but I was in TX for my Grandfather’s funeral and so wasn’t able to post.  The section that froze is where the meter is on the pipe, and below that where it enters the ground.  The meter was shot, split right down the back.  The water guy agreed that it looked like the heat tape thats supposed to keep that from happening had failed (it was old when we bought the house).  So new heat tape was bought, and after the new meter was put on a propane torch was applied to the lower section of pipe (which required doing some digging *sigh*), and water ran!  

The pipe was wrapped with new heat tape, and additional insulation to hopefully prevent it from happening again…..

5 thoughts on “We have water!”

  1. Our condolences on the death of your grandfather.

    Sorry to hear of the frozen pipes. Does your water main really exit the ground on the outside of the house? The weather gets pretty cold where you live too. Around here the water mains are buried approximately 7 feet below ground. They enter homes through basement floors or walls, and they still freeze sometimes. Is there any way of moving your main connection inside? Or is heat tape just how it is done where you live?

    I agree, it would be nice to have a restart button sometimes.

    • Well, it has to do with the structure that is our house…..

      The original structure is actually a 20yr old double-wide. The additions, and PORTIONS of the original structure have proper block foundation walls, however the section closest to where the water pipe comes up is still the original plastic skirting. AND it just so happens that that section is facing the direction the wind was coming from. So yes, the pipe is technically in the crawlspace/basement under the house, but yah…..heat tape is required to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

      Replacing the remaining skirting with proper block walls is on the list of planned home-improvements!

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