As I needed proof….

….that the outdoor temps affect my garden…..

Several days with highs barely hitting 70 (and sometimes not hitting it), lows in the low 50’s, and I get barely one or two ripe tomatoes a day.

Two days with highs in the 80’s, lows in the mid-60’s, and on the third day I pick this:


Temps are supposed to hold through today, then drop again for at least two days, then warm up again.  So we’ll see what happens…..

2 thoughts on “As I needed proof….”

  1. I am jealous that you have tomatoes ripening at all. I have maybe two tomatoes per plant, and they are still very small, and very, very green. My peppers just started blooming within the last couple of days (they were NOT blooming last weekend). At least my zuke plants don’t seem to dare about water, temp or whatever bugs are eating every single leaf off some of the tomatoes and even the marigolds (which are planted to keep bugs away 🙁

    • I’ve only had one zucchini so far 🙁 there IS another growing, and a possible 3rd, so cross your fingers for me!

      We got inundated by Striped cucumber beetles this year. I have no idea where they came from, this is the first year I’ve done cuc’s, and we didn’t have these beetles last year…..They ARE mostly avoiding the marigolds, but still hitting the plants NEXT to the marigolds *sigh* thankfully it looks like the only real damage is to the cuc’s and some chewed on leaves for everything else.

      These are a Black Plum tomato, and were recommended to me by someone who lives up in Canada in zone 3, so I had hopes they’d do reasonably well here, and other than the fact that they keep cracking open at least a little (about half of those in the picture had small cracks on their other-sides) they’re awesome.

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