Missed a photo

Cause I was once again without my camera, even though I know better.  Though to be fair, I don’t think I’d have gotten a picture anyway….

Yesterday evening, about 7:40pm-ish, we were outside with the dogs in the new run.  We don’t normally spend alot of time outside at dusk, the mosquitoes alone are enough to usually keep us inside.  But yesterday the wind was high enough, and the air cool enough that it was quite nice outside.  The dogs were enjoying it….

…..till Apollo suddenly roared and bolted for the back fence….I grabbed a double handfull of ruff, just in case he decided to try to go over the fence, and tried to get a look at what he was upset about.  Biiiig coyote, trotting across our back line, and our neighbor’s back line.  He stopped and froze when Apollo went off, but quickly realized that the dog wasn’t actually coming for him and just went on his way.  Not sure if it was the same fellow we saw last year or not.  I had a roaring pissed off Tibetan Mastiff demanding that the coyote keep moving and so I didn’t get the best of looks…….

2 thoughts on “Missed a photo”

  1. I can’t imagine holding onto a Mastiff springing for a full on charge. Heck, just hanging onto Missy, a 75 lb Shepard mix, when she wanted to go full bore was a challenge!

    • Apollo’s 125lbs give or take. Thankfully we’ve instilled in him the concept that pulling me over is a very bad thing, regardless of the stimulus. Otherwise? Yah, no way. To be fair I was more trying to keep him from going OVER the fence than TO it, which helped with my abilit to contain him…..

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