Our “average last frost” date is May 15, with a “frost free date” closer to the end of May.  I usually plant shortly after May 15 and keep the frost protection handy in case of a late frost (which does happen).

According to Weather Underground, this year, our last frost to date was April 28th (we might have had one on the 29th, temps apparently dropped to 33, which is close enough).  And thanks to the tires that make up most of my garden beds the dirt in them is warmer than the ground by quite a bit.

This is our 10-day forecast as of this morning:



I’ve got one more load of dirt/compost coming to fill the new tires/beds.  Which will hopefully be here Thursday.  Once its in I’m going to give in and plant everything thats ready to go.  I’ll keep the frost protection handy, but I really don’t expect to need it at this point……