Black Friday

I’m lucky enough, this year, to be working for one of the retailers who has decided to not open on Thanksgiving.  So I had a fairly peaceful and enjoyable day yesterday.

Today I get to go deal with the masses.  Thankfully I didn’t have to work the opening shift today.  But that won’t save me from much.

As you’re shopping this weekend please remember that “quantities are limited” is the mantra today, even if it’s something normally carried in stock no problem.

Please remember that if it’s on the front page of the ad it’s probably already sold out by the time this post hits the internet.  Being that asshole won’t get you any closer to owning one of whatever it is.

Please remember that retail employees are people too, and if they’ve made it this far into their day today without loosing it at some customer they deserve extra respect, not some asshole screaming in their face cause you weren’t fast enough to catch this sale or that product.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday”

  1. It is as if people feel that they have permission to be nasty to clerks and servers. One of our daughters works in a fast food restaurant because her vision doesn’t permit her to drive and it is close. The abuse people heap on her every day is astounding! Far from being stupid, she has a college degree, just can’t drive because of her sight. It sure gets old and I am sure it does for you too.

    • It would take something pretty drastic to get me back into food service :/

      Most of the year MOST of the customers aren’t to bad. But this time of year, I swear they come out of the woodwork!

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