Healing nicely

See here for a description of the incident.


The Nexcare bandages worked awesome.  Except that the 2nd day (Friday) of wearing one, two hours after putting it on, I had to pull it back off because it was causing my arm to itch unbearably.  That day I wore one of the Curad bandages for the remaining couple hours of my shift with no obvious problems.  They might not be technically waterproof, but they did a perfectly fine job at sticking to my skin and keeping things clean.  The 2nd day (Saturday) I wore the Curad bandages however things didn’t go quite as smoothly.  I made it through the 8hr shift with it on, but the above picture is what my arm looked like after pulling it off.  This morning that irritated red area has evolved into rash bumps.


So basically either bandage is fine for short term use, but once again for any situation where I’ll need to keep a wound covered for an extended period of time I’ll have to come up with another solution.  Dammit.

At least I don’t work again till Tuesday, so I can leave it bare for a while and hopefully the rash will be gone by then…..

4 thoughts on “Healing nicely”

  1. At this point (since it seems to be healing well, I would just use a light coating of coconut oil or argan oil (both have mild antiseptic properties) and leave it uncovered. But then again I don’t usually use band aids even when I’m working in dirt and such unless the injury is on my hand and I would probably tear it open more from handling stuff. So, I might not have the best advice for you 🙂 .

    • I’ve been leaving it uncovered, by Tuesday it was healed enough to get away with it. Not sure I’d want to do an oil cover at work, but I’ve been using vitamin E oil on it at home these last few days to help keep the healing skin soft.

      • That is why I like argan oil – it is a very light oil that soaks right into the skin so there is no residue. Also great as a moisturizer and hand lotion.

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