We’ve not gotten to know most of our neighbors well.  We have non-standard schedules, especially in comparison to most of our neighbors who work more traditional 9-5 type schedules.  Plus we’re both introverts.  Add in the large lot size that means that actually interacting with someone means going out of your way, and we mostly know our neighbors well enough to wave at, and thats about it.

The one exception is the couple in the property on our north side.  Older than my parents (I never asked ages, but they both retired a couple years after we bought the house, and I’m pretty sure they were past retirement age at that point and had been working part time to keep busy), but when we moved in, back in 2010, I’d have not called them elderly.  That has changed unfortunately.  One has had both knees replaced, the other both hips.  He’s had heart problems, and back problems, and kidney problems.  This summer their daughter has been doing most of the yard work for them, and roundly telling off her dad when she catches him doing something to strenuous.  Neither moves very well any more.

Sunday their house was quiet.  Not unusual, they have a trailer at a camp a few hours away and frequently go there for weekends, and the occasional weeks.

Monday it was still quiet, I wasn’t overly worried, though she usually lets me know when they’re going to be gone for a longer period so we can keep an eye on the house for them.

But Tuesday the driveway was full of cars, all day.

The kids’ cars.  All three of them.

Though all three kids, and families, are by frequently, having more than one on a weekday is unusual.  Combined with the oddly quiet house the day before I started to worry.  I hadn’t seen an ambulance, but that could just mean they hadn’t used sirens……

Tuesday evening she called me.

Saturday evening he’d been admitted to the hospital, for fluid in his lungs and kidney shut down, plus some additional symptoms.

Monday he’d had a massive stroke that basically destroyed his brain.

The funeral is Friday.


3 thoughts on “Neighbors”

  1. That is so sad. The only comfort for her may be that he didn’t linger. I’m sure you will look out for her in what ways you can – even if it isn’t much, due to schedules, I’m sure any effort you make will be appreciated.

    I also don’t know my neighbors well, and a lot I don’t know at all (there are apartment buildings that constantly rotate tenants). I do notice when schedules/voices/belongings on the decking changes and wonder what happened (most are younger, so I assume they have moved)

    • From what she said he didn’t linger, which is a relief for me at least.

      I made sure that the eldest daughter knows that we’re willing to help with yardwork etc if they need it. So we’ll see. I’ve offered before, but he was a very independent sort. This summer had to have been frustrating for him though he never admitted it in my hearing.

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