Idiots and wildlife

Washington state resident Idiot2’s son was among the children Idiot1 led toward the elk. Despite safety advisories – and numerous examples of visitors getting gored by bison, mauled by bears and chased by elk – Idiot2 declared herself unafraid of the park’s wildlife. She said she was eager to see a grizzly up close.

“I want to see one right there,” Idiot2 said, pointing to a spot just feet away. “I’d throw it a cookie.”

Quoted article.  Names changed to something more appropriate.

I’d say that this is the result of city folks who’ve never spent time in real life.  But Idiot1 is quoted as calling himself an “experienced hunter” who’s “spent lots of time outdoors”, thus he was quite confident of his ability to judge the situation.  Course, his definition of “experienced” may not jive with anyone elses…….

I have no idea if these incidents are actually increasing, as discussed in the article, or if its a perception issue.  Doesn’t matter IMO.

2 thoughts on “Idiots and wildlife”

  1. Freakin’ people do not use the sense that God gave them. That is the “downside” of free will, and the reason that the path to Hell is well traveled. So many are eager to act as they please at any moment as opposed to acting as they SHOULD, after which, when things go sideways ( as they at times, shall, when people unnecessarily manufacture a predictably bad scenario ) they ( or their surviving kin ) shall attempt to fix blame elsewhere- like the Elk, Bison, or Bear did not have a visible warning label before the goring.

  2. I wonder if any of this increased type of behavior is a result of making everything “too safe” for children as they grow up, so they don’t learn appropriate caution? I don’t know, but I watched people at work chase a poor deer across a busy street. All because they were afraid it would get into traffic and be hit. I repeatedly told them to leave it alone, but they insisted they had to herd it to a safer zone . The intent was not to herd it across busy Rt. 3, but that was the result. Idiots. Fortunately the deer got across safely and no vehicles/occupants were damaged.

    Anyway, back to the story you shared – if someone gets hurt because they are stupid with animals, then the rangers are obligated to track down said beast and put it down because it is a “danger” to the visitors. Sad state of affairs.

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