Small Business Promo

I mostly try to avoid putting up identifying information about me and mine on here, though I know if you really wanted to find me it wouldn’t be hard.  But sometimes it has to be done.

My mom has been trying her hand at selling her handi-work, with the idea of using it as a 2ndary income after she retires.  If you’re in Massachusetts proper you may be able to catch her at a local fair.  But she also has an Etsy Store.  She’s also on Facebook (Carolyn’s Jean Bags) if you prefer.

Now, I’m working with her to try to get better photos of everything, it’s a bit hard long distance, but I think the ideas are getting across.

She’s been making purses and bags (and clothing, and halloween costumes, and at least one prom outfit for me) for as long as I can remember.  Her stuff is well made, and should hold up well to abuse.

As you’re buying gifts this holiday please consider buying from small business and local craftspeople.  Sometimes it costs more, sometimes it doesn’t.  But it means so much more to them!