Bleg: Anyone recognize these gloves?


3 or 4 years ago I bought these gloves at Gander Mountain.  If there was a logo or brand name on them I didn’t notice it then, and it’s worn away now.  They weren’t horribly expensive.  I know they’re not Carhartt, because that was what I actually wanted and I settled for these.  What I can read off the tag (pictured) says they’re a size M, which means they’re either women’s size or boy’s size as my hands are tiny and they’re only slightly to big on me.  The palm and fronts of the fingers are leather, the side of the thumb is black suede, the back of the hand is nylon.

Whatever they are they’ve held up to winter wear and tear (including stacking firewood) better than any glove I’ve previously tried, and kept my hands warm better than any other glove I’ve tried.  Infact I don’t even need to replace them now, but I’d like to get another pair or two to stash away.  And my husband would like a pair to fit him.  An internet search with various search terms (including the number on the remaining tag) nets me lots of gloves, some similar, but nothing quite the same.  Nor is there anything the same on Gander Mountain’s website.

6 thoughts on “Bleg: Anyone recognize these gloves?”

    • I had no idea that you could find a company by that number, how very cool. I have sent them an email. Thanks!

    • Yah, I was scanning that. Nothing quite the same, though some of the hunting gloves might do it. We’ll see, I sent the company an email……

  1. I wish you luck on your search.

    I just went thru the same thing with my winter boots; somewhat dressy – by my standards :P, but tough, good gription, waterproof and knee-high – important when you are snow blowing. Even with company name and product #, I was led down a false trail. I finally stumbled upon the correct specific style (which naturally had been discontinued), but I was able to find a shoe store on the internet that was selling exactly one pair in my size. It seems there are still several of a few sizes out there – but not my size. I snatched them up and my old pair have been relegated only to snow blowing and my new pair for driving to work.

    • I guess this’ll teach me, when I find something like this thats perfect to buy several pairs! But how do you tell if its perfect till you’ve worn it for a season or two…..

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