Part 2…

When I get really stressed my immune system gets a workout.  I know this, so I started popping Vit C and Zinc supplements to the max recommended dose a couple days after my MIL died.

Either I wasn’t fast enough, or it wasn’t enough this time.

Several of the folks who came for the funeral (including my mother) were coughing.

And of course I work retail, so if its in the community I’m exposed to it, and I specifically work a department where I’m going in and out of the cold several times a day.  I try to be sure to grab jacket and hat and gloves, but I’ll admit it doesn’t always happen.

Monday I woke up with a cough, a nice deep chesty sort of thing that feels like it’s bringing up crud (though if it was it was clear).

Tuesday morning I woke up seriously dragging ass, and headed into Urgent Care since my Doctor’s office was backed up.

Sure enough.  Viral bronchitis.  Its apparently making the rounds in the community.  And of course, unless I get a fever, or start coughing up nasty looking crud, they aren’t inclined to put me on an antibiotic.

Just what I needed.

I still need to do our taxes.  And I need to figure out what seeds I’m going to start when.  And I need to finish this woodworking project thats 90% done.  And…….

I’m going back to bed now……

2 thoughts on “Part 2…”

  1. Rest up and get rid of that stuff! Chicken soup truly helps too.

    Several people have been sick for weeks. One has been sick since Christmas – and of course she sits at the desk next to me. Fortunately my immune system has been awesome at keeping all the nasties at bay, for which I am deeply thankful!

    • Considering what I get exposed to on a regular basis I’m occasionally amazed I don’t spend my whole life sick. I don’t get a flu shot either….

      Of course, Thursday I was back into Urgent Care with sinus infection symptoms. They basically shrugged and said “its still viral”. Yay. On the other hand, today (Saturday) the sinus infection symptoms seem to be less of an issue, so cross fingers! Still coughing this nasty cough though….

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