Fall in Upstate NY

So, last post was on Sept 18th.  Sept 27th (Wednesday) we broke high temp records.  Sept 28th temps crashed, and we had several days of barely making a high of 70.  Yesterday, Oct 4th, we had a high of 80.  Tomorrow, Friday, they’re predicting a high of 69.  Saturday its going to be 80 again.  Next Thursday the predicted high is 62.

At least we shouldn’t be getting a frost any time soon, based on current predictions.  We came close last Saturday night, but it didn’t quite happen.

I finished getting black plastic on the empty garden beds.  Put frost covers back on the remaining peppers.

Gave myself a lovely set of bruises up and down my right arm moving heavy stuff at work, but hey, no bandaids required!  I’ll take it.

The husband of a co-worker died unexpectedly, and I agreed to work an opening shift to cover for her.  My body still hasn’t recovered from the 4:15am wake-up.

Arty decided that he was going to play lapdog:

Not much else going on here right now.  Have fun all!

4 thoughts on “Fall in Upstate NY”

  1. I’m liking the nice fall weather so far. After having to start up the pellet stove in August for a couple of days, I feared that winter would start early. But we had a nice turn around of temperatures!

    Bruises are better than hurting yourself with sharp objects I guess, maybe your luck is starting to turn 🙂

    • We’ve had the furnace on a few times. Hate to do it so early, but yah. On the other hand I’m now hoping that my prediction of an early winter is wrong…..

  2. Lol at Arty the lap dog. Our huskies also think they are lap dogs…we have those bruises to prove it! I had to laugh at your no bandaid acceptance of bruises! 🙂

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