Massive Fire Extinguisher Recall

This has made major news media, so hopefully it’ll be all over the place by tomorrow, but just in case, spread the word.

If you bought a Kidde brand fire extinguisher any time in the last 45 years you need to check and see if its part of this recall.  If you bought a fire extinguisher from Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, and any number of other big name stores, you are very likely to have a Kidde extinguisher, even if it doesn’t say Kidde as the brand, double check it.


CNN Article

Consumer Reports page

Consumer Project Safety Commission page

Kidde’s page for the recall

This recall includes Canada as well as the USA, though the large majority of the extinguishers were sold in the USA.  So the Canadians reading this need to check theirs too!

5 thoughts on “Massive Fire Extinguisher Recall”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I heard of the recall earlier this week but had since forgotten. I’m going to check my extinguishers right now

  2. Well, mine isn’t on the list. And interestingly, it was made in Mexico. But, the date code is really throwing me. I bought it after I had my first pellet stove installed in 2014 but the date code suggests that it wa mad in 2003?!?! Think I better get another extinguisher just in case.

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