Stock up?

News reports say everyone is stocking up on toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  But it seems to be VERY regional.  Not quite sure what to make of it.  Wegmans (a locally owned grocery chain) is specifically mentioned in local news as being sold out of TP and various cleaning products at two stores not to far from where I work.  But the Wegmans right next door to my work still had reasonably full shelves of TP yesterday (I didn’t think to look at cleaning).  And my work also sells TP, and we still have full shelves as well.

On the other hand, I hope you weren’t planning on buying Clorox/Lysol cleaning/sanitizing wipes this week:

That gaping hole on the top shelve is the HDX generic clorox wipes, and the Clorox branded wipes. The hole in the middle is the Lysol branded wipes. Lysol cleaning sprays aren’t in much better shape, what you see there is whats left in the entire store as of 4pm yesterday, and the only reason we have any left at all is cause they always send us an extra wingstack or two for the cleaning event this time of year.

That’s the hand sanitizer and hand soap shelf space. What you see is what we had left as of 4pm yesterday.

On the other hand, maybe this means that the generally unwashed masses are actually washing? Wouldn’t that be just awesome. I’m not holding my breath, but maybe this’ll result in a drop in the number of flu cases…..

Edited to add: as of the afternoon of March 11th, the toilet paper rush had finally hit my work. Interestingly I noticed that people were buying paper towels almost as much as they bought TP. But apparently the media hasn’t noticed that part yet.

2 thoughts on “Stock up?”

  1. Yeah, TP and cleaning supplies seem to have been wiped out all around NH. There doesn’t seem to be a person on FB who hasn’t posted pics of empty shelves.

  2. Funny that there is still plenty of dish soap left – works fine as a hand soap.

    I was surprised that when I hit my local grocery store Thursday night that the liquid dishwasher detergent was wiped out. There was still powdered detergent though. They also had regular dish soap (Dawn and those types).

    Of course the paper aisle was wiped out, except for off-brand paper towels.

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