Hand Sanitizer Holster

I think it was Tam who posted about hers recently. I’m sure she’s done so previously, but somehow I’d missed it. Not sure how, this little carrier would be massively usefull to public facing employees everywhere. Current virus scare or not.

Henry Holsters OCD holster. The only thing I don’t like is that its meant to dangle.

So I fixed that.

Course, by doing that I narrowed the space for the hand sanitizer bottle, but since I couldn’t find a Purell 1oz bottle right now to save my life, thats ok. Instead, I found a 1oz oval toiletries bottle. Note: I actually ordered 3 different bottles from these folks in my attempt to find one that fit, the 1oz bottle from the link fits, but the one that fits best isn’t actually on their website, email them and ask about the 1oz PET oval bottle with the 15/415 opening, thats the one pictured and thats the one that fits best. Tight enough to stay in, not so tight that it doesn’t slide in and out easily.

I’ve gotten multiple compliments about it at work, from my coworkers. Henry Holsters might be getting an influx of orders from Home Depot employees in the near future!