Who or what is Tactical Sh!t

and why are they sending me spam emails? I did finally track down the website, and there doesn’t appear to be a contact page, or a “remove me from your fucking spam list you moron” option (ok, I know, no one actually has THAT as an option, but really, that’s really what it ought to be called). And I refuse to click on a link in a spam email that I never signed up for anyway.

I mean, is there ANYONE who actually LIKES being added to email lists without your permission? I know all it does for me is annoy me into black listing the website in question. Hell, I’ve STOPPED BUYING a much liked product because the company could not get their head around “stop sending me sales emails” even though I had “no emails” checked AND I’d used the unsubscribe option in the first one and they kept emailing me AND I’d then emailed them and told them to remove me from all non-order-specific emails and they STILL kept emailing me.

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  1. 2 or 3 years ago one day I woke up to a mailbox full of spam (possibly legitimate advertising/newsletters) from apparently real companies that appeared to be legitimate businesses.

    All I could figure is that someone somewhere had, overnight, subscribed me to the mailing lists of 100 or so companies.
    I spent quite a bit of time unsubscribing, but since not all of them mailed frequently it was many months before I could get rid of all of them.

    Jerks (I won’t use stronger language here, though I’d surely like to).

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