And here we go

I grew up in eastern MA, currently living in upstate NY. I can honestly say I don’t EVER recall gas over $4/gallon before here. Certainly not since I started driving at any rate. And NEVER this sort of price jump. This was a jump in price of over 20cents in the space of 8hrs. Various news sites inform me that Cali gas prices have hit record highs.

Never mind the fertilizer shortages.

Never mind the raw materials shortages.

Never mind the shortages on basic ingredients for foods.

THIS ALONE would cause prices of EVERYTHING to jump through the roof. EVERYTHING depends on fuel in some shape or form.

And our PTB have gone out of their way for the last year to make the USA as dependant as possible on outside sources for our fuel.

I get that no one wants a oil or fuel pipeline in their backyard. I get it. But you know what? Freezing to death on the streets because you had a choice between food and rent, gas money to get to work and money to pay the heat bill, THAT sucks even more.

I’d love to be able to rely on renewable sun and wind and water based energy. But its not realistic. And shutting down the domestic power and oil sources is about to backfire on us hard.

Add in those fertilizer shortages? And those shortages of raw materials, and ingredients?

Oh yah.

Here we go.

Hold onto your hats people. This is going to suck hard.

3 thoughts on “And here we go”

  1. $0.30 per gallon jump here in eastern Kommiecticut yesterday at our local convenience store gas station. At 12:30 PM it was $3.89. Returning to town at 5:30 PM the sign said $4.19

    You vote yourself into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it. I’m fine with the American version of “Christmas With The CeauČ™escu’s” or Augusto Pinochet’s Helicopter Sightseeing Tours.

  2. my company will be opening its offices again by the end of April. That is all offices, in all states and it is a pretty large company. All the people that have been WFH for 2 years are going to add to the price jump as there will be more demand for gas. I should be okay since I’m supposed to be WFH permanently, but that gets renewed yearly, so could change.

    NH was near $4/gallon in 2008 and again winter of 2012/2013. I believe we are at record high price right now – if not then we will be shortly.

    Looking like my plans for home improvement, that got put off last summer because of the price jumps in lumber and concrete, have most likely gotten derailed again.

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