Gas tax

Over at Daddy Bears Den Daddy Bear commented on the lack of breakdown of taxes on the reciept at the gas pump. Which started a conversation on how much ARE you paying in gas taxes a year, which drove me to find this site.

Assuming I don’t run to many extra errands during the week I average 10 – 12 gallons a week. According to that chart I’m paying $0.66 in taxes per gallon. Thats $6.60 a week, or $343.20 a year. My husband runs about the same, though his car doesn’t get quite the gas milage mine does. Which I suppose in the over all scheme of things could be worse, I have no kids to run around, and a car that gets decent gas milage. But at the current gas prices (after taxes) of $4.03 (at the cheap place!) thats another 85 gallons of gas I could buy just from the taxes I personally pay. That hurts. I’m already not going places because I can’t really afford the gas.

3 thoughts on “Gas tax”

  1. I don't have the shortest commute ever (its usually about 25 minutes), but most of it is major roads with 55mph speed limits gas milage on it isn't bad.

  2. I'm in a similar situation. My commute is about 25 miles, but most of that is highway going either 55 or 65. Even though the car gets OK gas mileage for its size, telecommuting is looking more and more attractive.

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