Seriously Indy, its time to fire your judges

Ran across this today. For those of you who don’t want to read:

Lady has a couple beers at a friend’s house. After drinking them she is approached by another acquaintance who needs a ride somewhere. She does the right thing and tells them she’s to drunk to drive, but if they have a drivers license they may drive her car as long as she can come. Halfway to the destination a cop pulls them over because the light on the plate is out. Turns out the acquaintance doesn’t have a license after all. Lady is charged with public intoxication even though she’s done nothing wrong. Supreme court upholds the conviction! The cop stated she acted drunk….um yah, thats why she’s not driving! Now if they were charging her with something related to allowing someone without a license to drive I’d be ok with it.

Seriously guys, its time to fire those judges!