Readiness Drill Goes Wrong

And that’s the actual title to the article.  Personally every time one of these makes the news I think the title ought to be more along the lines “Some Idiot in Corporate Decides to Scare the Crap out of Most of Their Employees and See if They Can Kill Another.”  This is the FIRST such article I’ve seen where the authorities make the point that if one of the victim employee’s had been lawfully armed the “robber” could of ended up dead (and in CA too!).  Seriously though, who thinks this is a good idea? 

Not that I’m against readiness drills, its probably the only way to make sure your employees actually know how to react in a real situation, but every time one of these such drills makes the news none of the “people in charge” have put any REAL thought into how the “victim” employees are going react and feel about it.  “oh, they’ll run and hide” (uhuh, better hope you don’t have a former military person working there, they might head for cover, but they’re just as likely to come back out of cover firing too) “we’ll tell them afterwards it was just a drill, they’ll understand” (uhuh, and when you have workers comp claims for “mental suffering”?)

Has anyone heard of one of these such “drills” going WELL?  Personally I’m just waiting till someone decides this is a good idea and a prepared employee shoots the “robber.”  Bets on how many years said employee will get?