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UK Court Decides that Every Time a Link is Clicked it Violates Copywrite Law.  And the ruling was upheld on appeal!  Expect Google to stop carrying UK websites shortly.

Hackers Unlock Car Via Text Message.  On the surface kinda cool.  Once you think about it, kinda scary!

And my favorite for the day:  Georgia Mom opts for new trial after being convicted in the death of her child.  Seems the lady in question was to lazy to walk down to the cross walk and decided to jaywalk across a 4 lane road with 3 small children.  Her excuse was that the bus stop let her off 1/3rd of a mile from the nearest crosswalk and that it was to far to walk.  Now I’ve never spent time in GA, but even Syracuse’s horrid public transit system would have had a stop closer to the crosswalk than that, which means that all she had to do was ride the bus for another stop or two, get off at the crosswalk, cross the street and then walk back.  Instead she decided to “run across the road” and her 4yr old son, one daughter, and she herself didn’t make it across.  Her son was killed.  The driver of the car was convicted of hit & run.  Mom was convicted of jaywalking, secondary vehicular homicide and reckless conduct.   She ought to consider herself lucky they didn’t toss on child endangerment for the other two kids.  Personally I’m glad to see them throw the book at her.  I’ve watched parents drag kids across the street infront of traffic several times, and had to stomp on the brakes myself a couple times when someone did it in front of me.  You want to endanger yourself that way fine, but don’t drag your kids in too.