Top 10 Fantasy and Sci-Fi books of all time

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Personally I found it very difficult to narrow it down to just 10 (I was at close to 30 before I realized how many I had, and I wasn’t done), but I also found it interesting what books they were missing.  For example:  they list Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series, but not his Dresden books, and Dresden is a much more popular and acclaimed series.  Anne McCaffrey gets the mention with ONE title, instead of the whole dragon series, which would have made ever so much more sense.  David Eddings, again one part of a series, instead of the entire series.  Mercedes Lackey gets mentioned in two different places for two different trilogies….that are really just parts of a larger series.  David Weber only gets a mention for the FIRST book in the Honor series rather than the whole series itself, even though that first book did NOT do well untill well after the next few books were out and people were going back to find it after having read books 2 & 3  (infact I read books 2,3 & 4 before I was finally able to track down a copy of 1, and THAT was only because they re-released it!). 

I do have to say though that I was delighted to see so much Asimov and Heinlein, not to mention the inclusion of the Liaden Series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Oh Helene!!! if you don’t mind your fantasy with a distinct touch of Sci-Fi mixed in you need to pick up this series!!!).  And of course the Princess Bride is listed, as is The Last Unicorn…..Choices choices!!

Found via a Facebook link from Think Geek, though I’m now seeing it crop up in several places I frequent.