I’m so glad Apollo LIKES kids…..

….cause otherwise I’d have had a really horrid (last) Friday afternoon instead of a less than great one.  And it would have been totally my fault for not paying attention.

He really does like kids too, he gets upset if they’re yelling and screeching (those guardian instincts kicking in, he thinks they’re in danger), but he honestly LIKES kids.

Friday afternoon was a slightly rushed trip to the vet after it occurred to me that morning that the oddball symptoms I’d been seeing for the last couple days were probably the result of him having a UTI.  In my rush to get out to door, catch a urine sample to bring, and make sure I had everything I forgot to grab the credit card to pay for the visit with.  I’m not normally that scatterbrained, but it was Friday, and I was tired.  I realized about halfway through talking to the vet that I’d left the card at home.  Dammit.  So I get to the counter, and explain to the lady that I was an idiot, but I had $60 in my purse I could give her now and I could call her when I got home with the credit card number?  (Or alternatively I could leave Apollo with them as hostage while I ran home for the card, I was informed that option was really tempting, but I might not get him back in that case)  She said that was fine.  During all this Apollo is doing his absolute best to drag me out the door so he could go pee (again, typical UTI symptom).  While we’re talking a mom & son move up to the desk on the other side of me.  They were polite, they didn’t approach my dog, and stayed on the far side of me from him, so I basically ignored them as I apologized to the lady at the desk.

As she hands me the paperwork, and the receipt for the cash I gave her, I realize that Apollo is no longer attempting to drag me out the door.  I turn around and instead of attempting to open the door himself Apollo is sitting on the feet of the boy (who was MAX 10yrs old, and probably younger), leaning up against the kid, all the while stretching up to try to lick his chin without breaking his sit.  All the while with the biggest doggy grin on his face.  The kid in turn has his arms wrapped around Apollo’s neck, hands buried in his ruff, and is asking his mother “can we get a dog like THIS??”

I had to laugh at my goofball puppy, I really did, but inside I had to shake a bit, best I can tell Apollo approached the kid rather than the other way around, but still.  Thank god he LIKES kids!

(his UTI is responding to the antibiotic and it looks like he’s going to be fine)

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