Someone picked the wrong week to argue with me

Former college schoolmate posted on Facebook that the solution to the birth control coverage ‘problem’ was to make the basic forms of the pill availible over the counter (put ’em behind the counter with the decongestants if you want, but OTC no prescription required).

To which someone freaked out that “OMG!! Some one might smoke AND take the Pill and have a stroke!!!” (I paraphrased, they were serious).

I pointed out that if they’re smoking they’re already taking their life into their own hands, so whats your point?

But, but, it might be a teenager!! At least if they have to see an MD first the doc can explain the potential risks!!

I pointed out that most teens weren’t going to admit to smoking OR being sexually active to an authority figure, and even if they do what makes you think they’re going to listen?

But, but, some teenager could end up diabled for the rest of her life cause of a stroke!!

I won’t repeat the rest of the arguement, he finally gave up when the comment count hit 60 (it wasn’t all us, several others chimed in that they liked the original idea). But he picked the wrong week to argue with me…..

Edited: I think there are some logistcal issues that would need to be worked out of the basic concept, but I like the thought.