This is the current weather map:

They were predicting as much as a foot for some areas, I donno about us but I can promise that the wind has blown away the majority of the snow.  There was a couple inches on most of the yard first thing this morning, 6 to a foot in sheltered spots.  Not sure how much has fallen since.  Apollo’s THRILLED.  Taking him out now requires LONG periods of time as he’ll walk several steps, then dive into the snow to roll in it, get up, walk several steps, dive into the snow…..

4 thoughts on “Weather”

  1. We got about 6'' a couple of days ago, about 2'' of it melted off yesterday when we hit a bit over 40F. Currently we are a toasty 22F outside, which is pretty normal for this area at this time of year.

    I'm really liking the two-stage snow blower after years of muscling through with single stage units.

    Poor Apollo will sure hate it when the snow goes away.

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