I know I tend towards being an introvert, but….

….do you really have to have a party every weekend, and occasional weekdays?

The folks across the street (the ones who’s dogs I’ve called animal control on twice, dog count is now 3 btw, since, you know, they were controlling their original two ever so well), have had a party pretty much every weekend since the weather turned nice, and are having ANOTHER one today.  I know they have 4 kids but really?

Now if it was a couple cars of people enjoying the grill and playing with the dogs I’d probly not even notice (well, till Apollo alerted to them slamming their car doors anyway).  But no, we’re talking 6 or so cars in the driveway and at least that many parked on the side of the street, street’s not THAT wide, and the stereo cranked so that I can hear the lyrics clearly 100+ feet away inside my house with all my windows closed and my TV on……Why yes, I’m annoyed, how could you tell?