Facebook Poll: Cleaning out my friends list…..not a scam, just stupidity

I’ve actually gotten a couple search engine hits on this, so here it goes. 

The poll in question:

People want to know if its a scam or not.

Technically its not a scam.  But here’s the thing:  the way Facebook set up its polls, when you respond to someone else’s poll, its AUTOMATICALLY posted to YOUR Facebook page, and everyone who see’s your posts (friends, subscribers, whatnot) are prompted to respond to it as if it was YOUR poll.

So someone, somewhere, MONTHS ago, set up this poll, when they were cleaning out their friends list.  And their friends responded.  And then all their friends’ friends responded to the original friends….you see what happened?  I’ve actually seen this particular poll 5 or 6 times as various friends responded to it on someone else’s wall…

Unfortunetly it doesn’t appear that there’s a way to turn off that auto-spread function.

So how do you stop it from spreading?  Well, first off don’t respond to polls posted by your friends.  If for some reason you feel you have to (ie: you think the friend really set up the poll themselves and wants your answers), after you respond go to YOUR wall, and delete the poll off of it.

Yes Facebook sucks.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Poll: Cleaning out my friends list…..not a scam, just stupidity”

  1. I just don’t respond to anything which has a “post on your behalf” toggle – toggle on or off it still has you, just go browser back. It’s worked for me so far. You might want to disable the automatic Facebook email addy while you’re at it.

    Antispambot did not recognize “17, you idiot” as a real response…

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