Sitemeter problems, part 3

Part 1, part 2


Well, in the week since this started, they’ve fixed the issues with the logo screwing up the page, and as of about 7pm EST yesterday they appear to have fixed it so that all new IP’s are listed correctly.  My visits count is still screwy though.  I should be over 4k at this point, not barely over 3k…..not to mention that its not adding visits to the total correctly.  The counter went from 2993 visits early in the day Aug 2 to 3111 visits as of right now.  According to Sitemeter’s own counts on Aug 2 I had 148 visits, and on Aug 3rd I had 117, and so far this morning I’ve had 20….if the Sitemeter folks need someone to come in and explain basic math I’d be delighted to do so……

I CAN just look at the stats as provided by the server, and I do generally keep an eye on them, but I found Sitemeter convient and was actually considering paying for an account since my daily hits have reached a high enough average number to make being only able to see the last 100 annoying.  Not so much any more.  I’ve installed StatCounter, we’ll see how that goes….