Gardening bleg: rhubarb, corn, sweet peppers….

Ok! I don’t remember who it was who posted the list of heirloom seed companies who send out free catalogs, but I’m not sure I should be thanking you.  On the other hand I’m having fun browsing seeds.


Rhubarb: I tried to do rhubarb before, planted it in a bad spot, it didn’t do well, then hubby mowed it.  Ooops.  So I’m regrouping.  Anyone have any suggestions as to types of rhubarb?  Theres bunches and I feel like I’m picking one at random….


Corn: I’m not sure I really want to do corn, I anticipate having to fight the wildlife for every ear.  But at the same time I want to try my hand at growing popping corn.  Anyone have any experience with growing popping corn who can offer suggestions, advice…..


Sweet peppers: I want to try the Sweet Chocolate variety, anyone tried these?

4 thoughts on “Gardening bleg: rhubarb, corn, sweet peppers….”

  1. Do you know anyone with a rhubarb plant? Ours was split off from my grandpa’s plant, which in turn came from a plant he had growing up in Kansas, and who knows where it came from before that (of course, that also means that I have no idea what variety it is). Also, it needs a couple years to really get going.

    • My dad has one, and no, he has no idea on the variety either. But I’m not sure how to manage shipping pieces from him to me. Though thats an option too.

  2. Sorry, no suggestions on the variety of rhubarb. Ours came with the house and has been growing next to the garage since the 1950’s. The only suggestion I can offer is to see if a friend in your area has a patch that is thriving and that also needs thinning. That should guarantee a variety that is well suited to your climate, and it will be less expensive than buying plants at a garden center.

    • Your comment got caught in the spam filter, sorry. NOt sure why either….

      Anyway, good point and thank you. Can’t think of anyone, but I’ll poke around, maybe craigslist….

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