Booties for the puppy

We had horribly cold temps this week.  I’ve dealt with worse, but that doesn’t make it fun.  Overnights well below zero, and only warming up to the single digits.  Both dogs get Musher’s Secret on their paws regularly in the winter, but even with that the single digits and colder proved to be to much for Arty.  Less than 5 minutes outside and he was trying to pick up all his feet at once to warm them up, the result was the highly pitiful sight of him falling over in the snow and crying cause his feet hurt.  Made worse because he WANTED to go out, and otherwise didn’t seem bothered by the temps.

Needless to say that doesn’t work well.  So off to the locally owned petstore to buy booties for him.  He’s still not to sure about these things being put on his feet, but they do help keep his feet from freezing so badly.  At least I’m not forced to carry him back in after barely 3 minutes!

Apollo of course is oblivious, and can’t figure out why Arty’s having such problems….

3 thoughts on “Booties for the puppy”

  1. That is funny – okay, not to Arty and not really, but the vision I get in my mind is! Until we got Prince, all of our dogs were of northern-bree mixes (husky, samoyed and a true heinze 57). However, even Prince has enough fur between his pads to keep him mobile on the snow. I don’t know, maybe they all grow toughter pads because they spend all day outside while we are at work (and we routinely are gone for 12-16 hours).

    Glad booties help out Artie – we need pics (we really need a video of him doing the cold-feet dance too).

    • I have a video of his first time out in the booties, its quite cute.

      He otherwise handled the temps and the snow quite well. It was only when it got this cold that his feet go to cold for him to deal with apparently. For a breed that wasn’t designed for ultra cold temps thats pretty good, I’ll take it.

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