Lawsuit filed against SAFE act (Or, don’t get your hopes up folks)

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Now I’m delighted to see this, BUT, unlike a certain someone (*cough*TTAG*cough*) I don’t assume that “OMG the JUDGE said there would be an INJUNCTION!!!” means that “the judge thinks the SAFE act is unconstitutional!!!!”.

Infact one article states:

After hearing motions in that case, state Supreme Court Justice Diane Devlin has ordered the state, represented by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, to show cause before oral arguments on April 25 or face an injunction. An order to show cause is not unusual in these cases, however. In fact it’s standard procedure, said Devlin’s law clerk, Timothy Kane.

These proceedings are always commenced by an order to show cause,” Kane said, adding that the state has indicated it plans to respond by mid-March.

Emphasis mine.

So yah.  Am I thrilled to see it taken to court?  Sure.  Am I getting all excited cause “OMG, WE’RE WINNING!!!!!”?   Nope.  Keep plugging away folks, we got a lot more work to do…..