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  1. Now, this might murky things up a bit on you, but sometimes, that’s what I’m here for.

    Many moons ago, I got my hands on a Marlin 1894 in .357, and I want to say I have the Trapper size model, with a 16″ barrel(too lazy to get a ruler and check).

    If The Man(or my wife, or finances) ever reduced me to 1 Gun…this would be the gun I would choose.

    Using .38’s, it’s a plinker. Loaded with either .38 or .357, it’s gonna put a hurting on two legged varmints, and loaded with full power heavy .357 loads, it’s a deer gun.

    The only limitation is range…with open sights, my limit is about 100 yards with it. Function has always been perfect, it’s short, handy and light…and it just looks cool.

    I would have No Problem recommending a Marlin lever action to anyone. When I am back at the point where I can buy a gun ‘just because’ I would LOVE to get one of their .45-70’s cut down to Guide Gun size…

    • I did ask for suggestions!

      In general people seem to really like Marlins, and now that I’m asking specifics the 1894 keeps coming up too, so it just got added to my list of guns to look at. Thanks!

      • Here to help. But, to make you sick, I got mine back when Big 5 had them on sale for $299. I wish I had bought about 6 of them at that price…I want to sayh they are much closer(and even over) $500ish now.

        • $500ish or more from what I’m seeing, but that seems to be pretty much standard across the board, there’s not much under $500 new…..

  2. Came here from JayG. (MA-Rooned)

    I have the Marlin 336 in .30-30 and absolutely love it. It predates the Remington builds, so it is quite accurate and the lever action is still quite tight. While I have taken it along hunting and have actually shot rock chucks with it, I have not taken deer with it. For that I prefer the .30-06 or a .270 I have as well.

    Many years ago, I was a sheriff’s deputy and I actually carried both the Marlin and a Ruger Mini-14 on patrol with me. The Sheriff I worked for recommended either a Marlin, or the Winchester 94 for patrol this was before most agencies adopted the AR-15 or equivalent in use today.

    Overall, I recommend either a Winchester 94 (spendy) or the Marlin 336 in .30-30. The ammo is still very much available (no shortage here), but runs around a $1-1.50 per round. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks!

      Yah, I looked at the Winchesters, cause, well, its WINCHESTER, but we’re not really prepared to spend that much right now. To many other projects pending. And the Marlin’s in general are getting great reviews except for some upset when Remington took over the building…..

  3. I picked up an old Marlin 336 chambered for 30-30 at a local auction for $300. It was in beautiful condition, bore bright, rifling sharp and clear, stock unmarred, factory blue flawless. Checking the serial number on the Internet shows my gun was made in 1953. The action is smooth as glass, the trigger pull is smooth, and lighter than my Ruger 22. With iron sights I can get 7 rounds into a 10 inch circle at 100 yards. The 30-30 round is powerful enough to deal with anything I’m ever going to meet in New Hampshire. Marlin’s action is easier to field strip for cleaning and reassemble than the Winchester is. I call it a good general purpose rifle.

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