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I couldn’t find what I really wanted to post…..according to both the news-weather guy last night AND this morning there are frost advisories for at least two counties here in central/upstate NY for tonight.  Now neither of them is my county, infact neither of them is next door to my county.  But dammit!  Its barely September!  I’ve hardly gotten anything out of the garden!  I’ve seriously gotten less out of the garden so far this year than I have previous years when I planted far fewer plants!  I don’t want fall yet!

4 thoughts on “WAAAAAaaaaaaaa!”

  1. Take a deep breath, Ruth. It’s supposed to get warmer next week so the threat of frost should be erased for the immediate future. (Of course, I don’t trust most of these prognosticators. They are usually making adjustments for anything beyond 36 hours.)

  2. It was 39 on Friday, at 4:30 AM. Don’t know how cold it really got, but I stripped my garden the night before. Not that stripping the garden took too much time; I, like you, have had a dismal season. Thank goodness I don’t have to feed anyone thru the winter off my harvest!

    • I’ll be pulling the peppers today (not that I got any sweet peppers), but I’m hoping the frost holds off long enough for me to get the cantaloupes and pumpkins mostly ripe….

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