Heat Blankets for the garden?

I’m starting to consider needing to run some of my Christmas lights out to the garden to run 24/7……

We had a cool to cold spring.  After an extremely cold winter that wasn’t unexpected though it did bad things to my pumpkin plants.

I wasn’t originally overly worried though.  Other than the pumpkins nothing else seemed to be having trouble with the chilly start to the season.

But now its the end of July, and although we’ve certainly had some hot days where we’re running the central air, we’ve also had ALOT of days where the temps barely hit 70 for the high, and lows are dropping not only into the 50’s, but even the 40’s in places not to far from me.

Tomatoes are slowly ripening, but the plants have mostly stopped growing.

Peppers seem to be ripening abnormally slowly.  There’s a HUGE crop of Jalapenoes out there, and not one of them has a tinge of red yet.

We’re certainly not getting the crop of zucchini I’d expected.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’d hoped to have enough to shred and freeze to use all winter…..

I’ve got the hooped plastic frost protectors, but I’m worried that’d be overkill during the days, even the less warm ones.

I’m seriously considering digging back out the christmas lights and running them down the rows….

2 thoughts on “Heat Blankets for the garden?”

  1. Heck, my peppers haven’t even bloomed yet. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Jalapeno turn red either – I pick them green and they are great.

    Actually have a couple of tomatoes – tiny little green things. Yep, the summer has been a bit on the cool side for the garden (and my failing to water the 1st two months didn’t help)

    • I know I can pick the peppers while they’re green, but I can usually get the jalapenos at least to turn red with no problem. And if the hab’s don’t ripen I won’t know which ones they are, though since they’re in that mixed bunch that lost their tags god only knows what they’ll actually taste like since they could have been pollinated by anything……oddly enough the Hot wax peppers in the mixed bunch might actually be ripening….

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