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I’ve been watching Bogie’s home improvement projects with interest, as alot of what she’s done is stuff that we’re going to eventually need to do.  Her latest acquisition is a spice cabinet for her craft supplies.  And it reminded me of a project I REALLY want to do here….

First, I have to explain the house.  The original structure is a 20+yr old double-wide (which is still skirted *sigh* another project….).  At some point someone added onto the living room, doubling the size of that space.  And someone ran an enclosed breezeway from the garage to the 3rd bedroom, turning said bedroom into a mud room.  The washer and dryer are in an alcove right inside the back door, which happens to be directly off the kitchen.

I SO want to move the washer and dryer into the closet space of the mudroom, they’ll fit with a little room to spare.  And then turn that alcove into a proper pantry space, with spice cabinet, and put a built in dishwasher into the washer hookups (we’re currently using a portable-roll-away dishwasher, and it works fine, but it takes up space in the already small kitchen).  Unfortunately there is zero plumbing and electrical already in the space I want to put the washer and dryer, so putting in the needed plumbing and wires is going to be a major job.  So its not happening any time soon……there are to many other projects that NEED to be done to spend the money on something we don’t NEED *sigh*.

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  1. Sounds like quite the project to get a proper pantry. Plumbing is not my thing and scares me almost as much as electrical work (actually, about the only part that is “my thing” is the part where I tear stuff apart – ha). Keep us apprised of progress, when you have time and finances to deal with noncritical project, it will be interesting for me to watch!

    • If it was a really small minor plumbing job I’d be willing to do it, and if it was a less than major job my FIL would be willing to do it, but its going to require at least 6′ of pipe just to get water into the vicinity (plus breaking into the plumbing for the spare bathroom to GET that water), and then running the drain…..

      But yah, tearing it up is about my speed too!

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