Its been an incredibly mild fall and winter so far.  Scarily so.  We had a couple nights dip towards 20 degrees (F) but thats the coldest its gotten so far.  The ground isn’t frozen.  We had the barest dusting of snow, once.

Which has me a little worried about what January and February are going to bring.  Even if it stays comparatively warm out.  All this warm means that the Great Lakes aren’t freezing over.  This means that storms coming over them are still picking up massive amounts of water that is then dropped on us folks here in Upstate NY.  So far that’s all come down as rain.  Which isn’t my idea of fun, especially with the mud it creates, but it could be ever so much worse.

If the “right” storm comes over, it could all drop as snow.  And that would be bad.  Anyone remember the storm that hit Buffalo NY last year in Nov?  The one that dropped 6ft of snow in about 24hrs?  Yah, thats what happens when the “right” storm hits the Great Lakes before they freeze.  But at this rate they’re not going to freeze at all this year…..

4 thoughts on “Weather”

  1. It’s just the opposite out here on the Left Coast Mountains. Summer didn’t linger and The Cold came quick with cold rain and snow in the Sierras. 26-degrees this morning in Gold Country. 🙂

    • Which is part of why I’m worried. That’ll eventually work its way this way, and pick up wet from the Lakes, and dump it all on us!

      • Most of our “weather” comes across the Pacific and then gets broken-up over the Sierras and then the Rockies. In what passes for Winter, it comes down the coast from chill-city Alaska. When we get a good snow-pack we’re happy because it trickles down all year, otherwise California is really mostly a desert.
        Doesn’t your stuff come over the top and down across Canuckistan from Siberia? 🙂

        • Depends on which curve of the loop it all gets caught under. We’ve had weather swoop up into the frozen north and then back down onto us, and the other way around. Sometimes I swear there’s no looping at all, just a straight line at us from the west coast…..(ok, there’s a little swooping, but not much sometimes)

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