Windows 10 “Upgrade”

Yesterday I ran across this article.

For those of you who don’t want to read, I’ll summarize.  Starting immediately Microsoft will be downloading, to ALL computers, the installer for Windows 10.  It will be in your “Recommended Updates”.

I highly recommend the article though, at the bottom of it is a link to a Microsoft page with instructions on how to force off Win10 updates.

This morning when I got up my computer was yelling at me that there were 37 “Important Updates” and another 10 “Recommended updates”.  A check of what exactly the recommended updates involved (click on the update, on the right hand side will be a link to further info) and at least half of them were part of the update to Windows 10.

I’ve been keeping an eye on those since this whole thing started anyway, but I’m glad I had the extra heads up.  So here’s yours!  Check your updates and don’t just automatically install them!  Unless you WANT Windows 10, and I suspect you’d have already made that upgrade if you did……

4 thoughts on “Windows 10 “Upgrade””

  1. When this story came out this morning I turned off automatic updates and had it ask me before it updates anything. What scares me is that my husband who is utterly un-tech savvy, uses this computer too. I told him to not touch ANY popups without calling me or Becky first. How dare they!!!! I have stuck with Windows 7 because I LIKE Windows 7

  2. I upgraded my laptop to Win10 as soon as I was able. Course that one hda Win8 – which su*ked big time. Win10 is much better for that.

    My descktop (my main computer) has Win7, which I am happy with. I keep getting notices for the upgrade, but tell it to go away. So far it has (to re-offer in a couple of days), but no automatic updates so far.

    • It is downloading them even if its not forcing the upgrade, and some of the files are quite large.

      If I’d been running Win8 I’d have seriously considered upgrading too. 8 sucked.

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