Snow two

Arty was wondering where his green grass and warm sun went


He was very upset at the cold and snow appearing out of nowhere.  He’s well on his way to being shed out for the summer, and isn’t the most cold tolerant dog to begin with.

Meanwhile Apollo was having a blast


And if you needed proof we got more than 6″ of the stuff by yesterday morning, there you go.  I guess this is why he was refusing to shed for so long.  His legs finally let go of their hold on the winter coat this past week, so hopefully this’ll be the end of it.

Yesterday afternoon they put out a winter weather warning for our county, another 3-6″ overnight-into Monday.  Yay.

As of 8am today, Monday, I’m thinking we got somewhere close to another 3″, but it’s still coming down, so we’ll see what the totals are.

I’ve been putting off getting new tires for my car, thinking the worst of the winter weather was over, and I guess this is what I get for thinking.  Drive into work today ought to be interesting, to put it mildly.

This isn’t exactly a truly “late” snow for the area, we’ve had snow on Mother’s Day on more than one occasion.  But after the early warm spring everyone’s pretty well horrified by it.

I guess this is what I get for putting away my winter boots a couple weeks ago.

Greenhouse is nice and toasty though.  Makes me wish it was big enough to climb into……

4 thoughts on “Snow two”

  1. I find the number of terrible accidents I am reading about appalling. Part of it seems to be poor road care, which is a disgrace considering how easy the municipalities got off this winter. Part of it seems to be people who don’t get it about bad roads. We are staying home all we can…..

    • Around here, at least, they didn’t pre-treat the roads at all. And its not like we didn’t have plenty of warning it was coming. And I know that there’s NO WAY we maxed out the snow budget this year. So yah. Its very appalling because alot of it could have been prevented!

      To top off my lack of enjoyment of the weather, the snowplow took off the door to our mailbox yesterday. So now I have to go buy a new mailbox…..

  2. We weren’t supposed to get much (dusting – 4″), and with the previous snows where we were supposed to get a lot, but didn’t, I was somewhat sympathetic when the road crews didn’t have the plows on the truck – only sand and salt. However, we ended up with 5-6″ (in my area anyway – at work they got barely anything)so I was glad I have the 4WD truck. It didn’t take long to melt though.

    • They didn’t even salt. Just ran through afterwards and plowed (and took the door off my mailbox and scraped the dirt shoulder down into the ditch…..*sigh*). I donno who made that decision, but considering the number of accidents it was a bad one.

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