Another look at what makes up a Trump supporter (no, I don’t support Trump, at this point I don’t support ANY of them…..)

Next time you fly, grab this app before grabbing your seat.

Ever wonder how many of those crowds you see are for real?  I didn’t before I read this…..

There is a time to share your faith, and a time to NOT share your faith.

For Pinky and the Brain fans.  NSFW, but very funny.

Senate’s draft of an Encryption Bill.

USPS lowering prices on stamps.  And not voluntarily either.

Another reason to drink whole milk.

If you live in San Antonio and helped catch a live bat you need to see your doctor ASAP!

Also NSFW, but totally worth the laugh if you’ve ever wondered why someone would choose a “tiny house”.

Sugar Creek MO has made it illegal to grow food plants in your front yard.

WHO wants to make smoking the reason for an adult rating on movies, past and present.

The parrot who saw to much.

Child solves hit’n run crash.

Texas supreme court rules that just because you missed the 3-day hold at the shelter doesn’t mean you give up the ownership of your dog (or presumably cat).