Jalapeno Jelly

As asked, today’s batch of Jalapeno Jelly (with a couple Buena Mulata’s tossed in):

imgb2826 imgb2827


As you can see I’m a bit lazy and don’t bother to remove the seeds, but then the point was the hot peppers.  I modified THIS recipe to make this.  I use Ball’s low sugar pectin, so it only requires 4.5 cups of sugar instead of 6 cups, and I always have to use extra pectin (the entire 4.7ounce jar, the recipe tells you to use about 3/4 of the jar anyways if you measure it out) or it doesn’t set up right.  And I replace the pound of green peppers with a pound of red ripe hot peppers.

2 thoughts on “Jalapeno Jelly”

  1. Looks very nice! It always stumped me why people de-seeded their hot peppers. Sweet peppers are usually easy to de-seed, but I don’t go crazy over it. When I make salsa I just throw hot peppers into a mini chopper whole, chop them up and throw everything into the sauce.

    • Well, less seeds means less heat, so I guess if I wasn’t going for HOT I’d want to remove seeds. But in this case, hot is kinda the point!

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