We haven’t had much snow this winter.  A couple big storms, but most of the time they predicted snow it fizzled and we got an inch or two.  Or a couple inches of slush with a couple inches of snow on top.  Not fun, but not bad to deal with either.

This time I think we exceeded expectations….

Apollo’s 27.75″ at the shoulder, thats one of the shallower spots in the yard.

My husband snowblowed the driveway yesterday (Tuesday) at about 5:30pm.  At which point there was already over a foot of snow down, based on what was buried in the yard.  This is what was in the driveway this morning about 11am:

Depending on who’s weather predictions you like we’re slated to get another 4-12″ today…..

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    • I’m positive that by the time Wednesday’s lake affect snow was done we were over the 3ft mark, though none of the official counts close to me agree.

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