Garden and general update

Cross your fingers, but the Noir d’Comes melon has two baby melons on it, and at least two of the other melons have what appears to be fertilized female flowers… if only fall will hold off long enough I might get melons after all!

The biggest of the sunflowers is blooming.

Not as giant as hoped, but I’ll take what I can get.

The pool has gone from this:

to this:

Once the whole thing is gone we’ll fill the remaining hole with gravel, and put my to-be-greenhouse on it.

In completely unrelated news my new spinning wheel has arrived!

And I’m having to remind myself to finish chores before sitting down to play!

3 thoughts on “Garden and general update”

    • The pool is so much work to maintain! And we barely used it. Maybe if it had been an indoor pool. I want a hot tub though…..

  1. A pool would be cool – but only on the few really hot days that we get so the maintenance would be an issue. And I’m sure the chemical cost can’t be light! You’ve made a good start on the demolition.

    You’ll love the greenhouse that takes it place!

    Hope your melons have enough time to ripen – you never know around here.

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