Bleg: The Wilderness Belts

I ordered an Original Instructor Belt on 4/11/20 from their home website. My current belt having been a cheap belt that fit, and now stretching out in short order, I decided it was worth spending money on a good belt.

Their website says they normally ship fairly quickly, but to give them 7-10 days. On the other hand the current situation isn’t normal, so I waited. On 4/28/20 I emailed them asking if it would be possible to get an update as to how much longer it was likely to be to get the belt. Never got a response. Yes I checked the spam folder. On 5/3/20 I tried messaging them via FB with the same message. FB changed the check mark on the message on 5/4/20 to their profile icon, which usually means that the recipient has read (or at least opened the message screen) the message. But I haven’t gotten a response there either.

My work schedule is such that calling them during their business hours is difficult at best.

I am very aware that the current situation isn’t normal, and based on the reviews I’d really like this belt. But I’d also kinda like an update as to whats going on. Does anyone know of anything about whats going on with them?

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  1. Actually do have an idea. At the the beginning of March i too ordered an instructor’s belt. Toward the end of March i called them to ask the same question. The reply i got from the phone rep was they were having a hard time getting the belt buckles. Fortunately i had an old belt laying around so i sent them my old buckle. i am sorry to see that is still a problem.


    • I appreciate the input!

      I was kinda wondering if it might be a supplies issue.

      I’ll have to see if I can find time to call them.

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