Should I laugh or cry?

Over the last 20 months people have been arguing about what is being done right or wrong in the pandemic response.

Over and over people have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” and “spreading misinformation” for stating something that went against the mainstream beliefs on the subject, been banned from social media, had family deride them, and in some cases had family disown them and friends disappear.

Only to have that same statement, months or a year later, be proved to have merit, or even be true, by the media and politicians.

And here we go again.

As recently as 6 months ago people were banned from social media for stating that cloth masks were not useful in stopping the C19 virus.

And yet, just this week, on CNN! Dr Leana Wen, one of CNN’s top talking heads about medical issues and the pandemic, stated that “cloth masks are little more than facial decoration“!

I’m waiting for Dr Wen to get canceled.

Oh wait, she’s one of the GOOD guys, so its ok when she says it.

Seriously though, if you’re counting on a mask to help protect you from the virus you need to be wearing a N95 mask. And you need to wear it properly, making sure there’s no gaps. If its fogging up your glasses when you breath its not fitted correctly.

2 thoughts on “Should I laugh or cry?”

  1. I just heard a news story here in Kommiecticut about deploying 1,000 National Guard to hospitals to “help with the potential omicron explosion.” Because I work in EMS, last year I got an email asking for me to volunteer to help. I simply deleted it. If I get one this year, they will get an angry and quite nasty response telling them to anal fornicate themselves with a barbed wire wrapped phallus.

    • They were supposed to be using the NG here in NY to “help” at hospitals and the like, and somehow we’re still short-handed all over so I’m thinking you’re not hte only one.

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