I swear to god, can we have a quiet week so I can stop accumulating depressing links??

Biden administration appears to have sold barrels of oil to the Chinese

Additional oil headed other places too

NYC cashier jailed for self defense

Food crisis in Sri Lanka, and 2, and troops open fire on rioters

European farmers are pissed

Dutch farmers are especially pissed, apparently some bigwig thinks that we can feed the world while cutting nitrogen by 50% in the world’s 2nd largest food importation district. We’ve already got reports of shots fired at the protestors (and video of the shots show that no, the police were not at risk of being run over, no matter what they claim).

Thanks to the Internet Archive: The UN thinks world hunger is a good thing

Some Dunkin Donuts have a shortage on some coffee syrups

No significant increase in myocarditis or pericarditis in un-vac’d post covid patients

Naturally won immunity beats out the vax, still going strong 15 months later

Uruguay suspends covid vax for under-13s

Pfizer refuses to meet India’s testing requirements for the vax

Danish covid testing policy. Sweden covid testing policy. Finland’s covid testing policy. Norwegian covid testing policy.

Red states recovered faster than blue states.

60k Guard and Reserve soldiers cut off from pay and benefits

Nation’s largest teachers/educators union wants to require masking and vaccines, meanwhile Los Angeles (of all places) just made that impossible for schools to do.

NYC mayor states he plans to mandate covid vax for children in the fall

An explanation for the layman of one of the studies I posted last week.

More data showing mask mandates don’t work. And again.

FDA has no plans to require additional safety testing for covid boosters.

Where to read the data on Pfizer’s shots as its released by the FDA.

Washington State makes covid vax and boosters a permanent requirement for state employment.

Reminder that those movies you didn’t actually buy the disk for aren’t actually yours

Secret Service Director moving to…..SnapChat??

Roe Vs Wade is so last week. This week: Not all your devices use the same style charger!!

How the FBI Wiretapped the world

Trials of randomized Universal Income (spoiler: doesn’t solve the problem)

Make your PDFs read-able by human eyes only

In June NYS authorized Medicaid reimbursement assistance providers to work from home. Turns out this isn’t a good thing.

EU Parliament agrees to label nuclear and gas power as green (gosh, guess all those solar and wind farms weren’t so great after all huh? I seriously laughed out loud, and not happily, when I read this.)

Germany looking at rationing hot water

33 hospitals sent personal medical information to Facebook’s Meta company

Turns out you might not be able to opt out of the next controversial vax

Sweden is about to allow parents to take (PAID) time off to care for sick kids.

I gotta say, regardless of whether you believe Biden or Trump won the 2020 election, we’ve got ample proof that there COULD have been fraud. And its not really making me happy about the future of the country. Everytime I turn around we’ve got more reports about things went wrong, audits weren’t done right, gaps in security, and so on. The 2020 election may have been entirely legit, but there are sure are a LOT of holes that need to be fixed.

Nearly Half of all murders in the USA go unsolved.

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  1. I saw an article on oil from the reserves being shipped to other countries. I could not believe that I didn’t see a general outcry about it (I believe you are the only place I’ve seen it at).

    I’m also surprised that there hasn’t been a big deal made of the admin missing the deadline for planning future oil and gas lease sales (which was the end of June). Maybe it was so expected under the current policies that no one thought it was worth mentioning.

    And when I say “no one”, I mean the normal routes that I find opinions (not news), which admittedly is a short list of people I know not money-making outlets.

    • I’ve seen discussion on the most current oil/gas leases, but the only articles I could find were completely paywalled. And the discussion has been extremely limited. On at least some level yes, I think the people who’d normally be throwing a fit are just sitting there with their heads in their hands thinking “oh god he did it again”.

      Also, Sri Lanka’s protestors have stormed the royal palace. So far no major articles on it, but lots of video of massive crowds climbing the walls.

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