Twitter thread: Clive’s Farm

Inflation is making it harder on farmers, even in FL where they did pretty well.

Loss of more farmland

Study: the effect of news media on mass shooting frequency

I see the news media is finally catching up: Thousands report changes to menstrual bleeding after vax

China allows use of HIV drug for Covid

CDC and various .GOV officials ordered Big Tech to censor vax discussion

1200 reported deaths from Pfizer’s vax within the first 90 days

Evusheld however might actually work as advertised.

Leading causes of death from March ’20 to October ’21 (For under 35’s, Covid wasn’t in the top 5, Suicide however was)

NYC finally lifts its toddler mask mandate completely

OSHA fit test on surgical mask (twitter thread)

School districts mandating the Covid vax for children for school

Paxlovid reinfection rate is 40%

Kentucky city is cleaning up vacant lots by giving them to the neighbors

FDA warns of brain-swelling and vision loss due to puberty blockers

That mass grave at a school in Canada might not be

Do dogs prefer praise or food?

New rabies vax on the way

Container shipping is still backed up

US’s biggest container ports also world’s least efficient

Irony at its finest: electric bus bursts into flame one day after electric car law signed

Credit Card that limits your spending based on your calculated CO2

Norway to start tracking all food purchases. More.

Israel tightens restrictions on the use of cash. More.

Modern day slave markets, more.

Hershey warns it won’t be able to meet consumer demand for Halloween candy

Shields Health Care Group announces a data breach

British man arrested for posting meme that “caused anxiety”

State of Emergency announcements for Monkey Pox: 1, 2, 3,

The Best Toy Ever

I’ve a bunch more links, but thats all I have time for today. At least they weren’t ALL depressing this time!

4 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Eliminating the use of cash, although not in the USA is troublesome in the results and perhaps even the intent (both stated and unstated).

    I was in an airport recently and wanted to buy a bag of chips while I was waiting for my connection. The kiosk I went to didn’t take cash. I wasn’t taking out a cc just to buy an item worth $2.50 (yes, I was shocked the price was so low being in an airport). I left the bag on the counter and went elsewhere.

    Although this was just irritating to me, I can see homeless having issues as well as poor people. Also some use it as a discipline measure for their finances (if you ain’t got the cash, you can’t buy – saves people from impulse buys).

    • I find it very worry some personally, especially as I wander down the rabbit hole of realizing just how much of credit card transactions are tracked and twisted and used to figure out what people are doing.

      No cash means that the purchase of eggs from the guy down the road, the purchase of a table at a yard sale, at the neighbor’s kids lemonade stand, all get tracked. Add in the new reporting (for taxing) of income down to $600 by the various Paypal/Venmo/etc, and yah. Problem.

  2. And hey, let’s not forget that we pay for credit card usage (even if you pay off the balance each month) thru higher prices since the vendor is charged a fee for those transactions. So in the case of the country in the article, they are basically subsidizing credit card companies.

    There are still gas stations in NH that have a cash price versus cc price (and those transactions go thru their computerized systems so the IRS is still aware of them). I got a 3% discount for paying cash for my mini-split system last year too.

    If I don’t get a discount, I use my cc because at least I get cash back (like for my upcoming shed – and yes, I will pay off the cc at the end of the month).

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