Links 8/31/22

NJ teachers union puts out ad calling parents extremists

Physical buttons better than touch screens in cars

Biological impurities in covid vax

Singapore acknowledges that children need to see faces

Wait, so HCQ is good again?

U of I admits that they plan to sell student/employee saliva samples taken as part of covid testing

Western U requiring Vax and Mask for this school year

Georgetown U masking and vax requirements

NJ’s largest school district keeps mask mandate

Twitter thread: 15 million people will lose medical coverage once public health emergency is ended (just in case you were wondering why they don’t want to end it before elections)

Last week I posted a link about how DC was mandating the vax for children for the school year. This week: there will be no virtual school for unvax’d students either. Either get the shot or don’t go to school. Bets on whether they’ll charge the parents for the children’s truancy? Someone must have finally gotten through to her, cause they then pushed the deadline out to January.

I’d swear I posted this before, but maybe not: a recounting of pediatric deaths in LA. Twitter thread.

The Lost Boys of Covid

You know, people literally lost their jobs for saying this over the last two years.

Moderna sues Pfizer

China gets upset when volleyballers are required to wear masks.

Beverly Hills store issues mask BAN due to masked robberies

Twitter thread: 2021 predictions coming true already

Excess Non-Covid Death numbers. Everyone keeps putting these behind paywalls, trying to find non-paywalled (or easily bypassed paywalls) for my links pages has been frustrating. The non-paywalled articles don’t tell me much. But if the data I’m getting is right, our excess deaths, not caused by covid, are through the roof, and not JUST from suicide either.

another 775Mill to Ukraine

RAF recruitment policy puts pause on hiring white males

White people banned from some off Berkeley off campus housing

The earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years

Saudi firm hasn’t been required to pay for water in AZ for years

The amount of water required to grow specific foods

Fire at onion processing plant

Fire at flour mill

Twitter thread: Nitrogen fertilizer producers cutting back

Ford to lay off 3000 workers

80% of the IRS’s revenue will come from small businesses

IRS audits the poor at 5 times the rate of anyone else

Vancouver getting first Canadian electric fire truck, it pumps less water, the batteries will only last for 90 minutes of use, and costs 20% more than the better pumping diesel powered trucks.

Los Angeles tried to get one, but it sprung a leak, and had to be sent back for repairs

Aus bank decides that it will stop giving loans for new gas/diesel powered cars, only used gas cars and electric vehicles, effective 2025

Cost of replacement batteries for cars

VA trying to un-link itself from CA’s car laws

Doctor asks dad to take pictures of toddlers body for medical diagnosis for virtual medical visit. Google decides its child porn, locks dad out of ALL of his google accounts, sends data to police, refuses to let him back into his accounts when police say there’s nothing wrong. (non-paywalled version)

Los Angeles wants to force hotels to house the homeless in any empty rooms

NY Gov says republicans need to leave NY

Some good news about Monkeypox

Canada plans digital ID program

Grand Jury recommends removing 4 Broward school board members over Parkland shooting

Forgiven student loans may be taxed

University of Washington had a study that showed negative results of “gender affirming care” and they hid it.

Twitter thread: French electricity prices just jumped, from 45 Euros to 1000 Euros

East Coast USA faces winter with low fuel supply

The myth of maternal instinct

Tugboat strike in Vancouver

Restaurant to stop catering to vegans due to their attitude

FBI agent destroyed evidence to frame pro-Trump prisoner

The same people keep winning the Maryland lotteries, over and over

Return of the rare Ojibwa horse

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  1. I prefer physical buttons to touch screens (for most activities while driving) – although I can see where that wouldn’t work so well for inputing addresses into the navigation system (and really, that is a non-driving activity – when you can concentrate on the screen). My experience is that physical buttons are easier to find while still In concentrating on the roads.

    My previous Explorer (2014) was set up so I could only use the touch screen to adjust the temperature and other climate control features. I hated that. My current Explorer (2018) has a button (actually a lever) that I can find and use for temp control without taking my eyes off the road at all. same with most of the other climate control features – fan speeds and where the air is directed. Sure, the touch screen has more choices but for things I normally used, a button is provided. Except the heated seat – I hate that that is only on the screen.

    I’m not one for voice commands. I do not have my phones (home or work) set up, nor my truck, nor my Kindle. My TV is old enough not to have that option (and my DVR/cable box is still the original I got in 2013 – way before the speak to remote feature).

    • Our Honda Pilot is mostly touch screen. There’s buttons on the steering wheel for some of it, but I still hate the touch screen. I have since we got it.

  2. I don’t use voice commands either, I have enough trouble with the phone systems to know that my voice doesn’t work well for that sort of hting.

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