I have found my new favoritest watermelon ever.

Started inside at the beginning of May, planted out in the garden by the end of May. Nice compact plant that barely spilled over the sides of the 4′ stock tank I planted it in. We had some stupid hot weather early this year that might have made them ripen early, but I just picked the 2nd melon off the one plant. Both a bit smaller than the one pictured above.

I failed to get a picture of the melons, but here’s what they look like inside:

I’m ruined now for any other watermelon. These are OMG SWEET and so flavorful. I may never eat another watermelon variety again. If you do container gardening these might do quite nicely in a large pot on a deck.

I might have to try staggered planting next year and see if I can extend the ripening season so I can have more them…..

3 thoughts on “Watermelon!”

  1. I might try these next summer. This year I started plants from the seeds from the incredible ones we bought from the Amish last summer. They grew huge, sprawled all over and then something ate them right to the ground. I was so disappointed.

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